Why should I reupholster my lounge suite?

Why should I reupholster my lounge suite?

Why should I reupholster my lounge suite?

One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘Should I reupholster my lounge suite or buy a new one?’

For me, there is something magical about seeing an old couch suddenly transformed. I have owned the same pair of over-sized couches for many years and over time they have been recovered extensively — from a bold floral to striped linen and vibrant plains, and more recently to a gold and black animal print which looks wonderful and is totally versatile. Our next project will be covering some occasional chairs in a textured fabric to match.

Of course, I am lucky to be involved in this industry and it is quite normal for me to make these choices. But not so many years ago, most people were in the habit of re-upholstering their furniture. Ringing an upholsterer was common place. With the rise of discount furniture stores and inferior quality mass produced furniture, we have become a throw-away society committed to building an ever-growing mountain of landfill. This really makes little sense when reupholstering and recycling have so many advantages. So, what are the advantages of reupholstering?

Design options are so varied

There are so many design options out there, and we have hundreds of fabrics available at reasonable prices. We have some wonderful collections that arrive in-store regularly from Australian companies such as Warwick and Wortley and many others. So, a designer look is possible without the price tag!

It’s more affordable

The cost of reupholstering is reasonable and will usually be less than buying the equivalent new. This applies to most better-quality items and if you own Australian brand name furniture, please give us the opportunity to show you how good it can look.

It prevents wastage

And finally, as an environmentally friendly option, reupholstery is worth consideration.  Maybe it’s time to return to the idea of cherishing what we already have while at the same time preserving skill, quality and craftsmanship.

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