At The Sitting Room, we have a wonderful team of dedicated individuals who are happy to guide you throughout the reupholstery process. We’ve put together some of the questions that we are most often asked. Please browse the questions and answers below and get in touch if you need some more information.

At The Sitting Room, we offer a range of window and soft furnishings, including custom-made curtains and blinds. Roller blinds refer to shades that are designed to fit inside the window casement. They typically work with the use of a pulley system that rolls the blind up and down by pulling on a cord. Roller blinds can be made with a number of fabric types, and can be decorated with tassels and trims for added style. Roller blinds are a versatile and practical option, and are a great way to block out light and provide privacy in your home. They can also add some colour to your space, depending on your choice of fabric.

Roman blinds are made from fabric that is especially designed to pleat when the blinds are raised. The blinds are made up of mounting slats, which are attached to cords on the back of a fabric panel. When you lift your Roman blinds, the cords work by pulling the mounting slats together, forcing the fabric to fold into pleats. Roman blinds are very useful as they can effectively block out light, and can be easily adjusted throughout the day. At The Sitting Room, we are able to custom make Roman blinds and other window and soft furnishings for you from a range of different fabric types.

People often wonder if it is worth reupholstering their furniture, or if it is better to simply buy new items. Of course, the cost will depend on your choice of fabric, as well as the piece you choose to reupholster. At The Sitting Room, the cost of reupholstering an item is very reasonable. In fact, the cost of reupholstering with us is usually less than buying the equivalent new. This applies to most better-quality items and if you own Australian brand name furniture, we encourage you to give us the opportunity to show you how good it can look with a bit of work.

Reupholstered furniture refers to furniture that has been re-covered with new fabric. During the process of reupholstering a piece of furniture, the item is generally stripped down to reveal the underlying frame. Our team will then assess it to see if any structural elements need to be replaced. These elements may include springs, padding and webbing. Stuffing and padding are then reapplied to the piece. This helps to restore shape, structure and function. When all of the internal parts of the pieces have been replaced, we will carefully apply your fabric of choice.

We stock a wide range of high-quality fabrics and leather. We regularly get in wonderful collections from Australian companies such as Warwick and Wortley, which we offer for very reasonable prices. Our range of fabrics is very varied, and includes hundreds of different options, from neutral shades to bold prints and fun florals. We understand that it can be quite overwhelming to choose a fabric when there are so many options available, so we highly recommend that you come in and take a look at our samples at our showroom in Burleigh. This will also give you the chance to chat to the team about what it is you are looking for.

Yes, absolutely. If you own leather chairs or a couch but would like to change the look of them quite dramatically, it’s possible to have them reupholstered with fabric. To do so, we will strip your piece of furniture to reveal its bare frame before repairing any damage and ensuring that the joints are screwed together properly. We will then replace the padding and/or foam to reinforce the structure of the piece. Once the internal repairs have been made, we will re-cover your chair or couch with the fabric of your choice. We have a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from, so you are sure to find something that suits your style.

Yes, absolutely! Our team is happy to provide you with tips and advice regarding the interior design of your home. In fact, Linda Bartels, one of The Sitting Room’s co-owners, has many years of experience as a decorator and has worked with hundreds of clients throughout her career in the industry. She is available to provide advice to customers about design, upholstery and decorating. She also offers free consultations to allow her clients to thoroughly discuss their particular needs.

The amount of fabric that is required to reupholster a couch will depend on the size and type of furniture you would like worked on, as well as the number of cushions you would like covered. The type of fabric you choose will also have an impact on the amount of material you need. If you would like a couch reupholstered, we recommend that you come in and see us or get in touch online and let us know the measurements of your piece. As a starting point, measure across the back of your couch and count your cushions. We will then be able to give you an estimation based on the size of your couch.

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